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As legend goes seems that Calabria’s origin goes back to Aschenez nephew of Jafet, son of Noecirca 850 years before the Trojan War. Enotrio and Paucezio would have defeated the Aschenazichasing them away from Calabria then known as Italos, a branch from Paucetian who were the first inhabitants of this region.

In 2002 a group of Italo-Canadian entrepreneurs including some travel agents of Calabrianorigin, combining years of experience in travel, grouped to form CALABRIA INTERNATIONAL TOURS. The sole purpose and objective of this enterprise is to promote and encourage individual, group travel, and packages, to this land of the Brutium, (CALABRIA) a destination rich with centuries of culture, and an heritage yet to be discovered, by emphasizing the natural beauty of its seas known as “The Coasts of the Gods”, its mountains, its rich ancient history, its excellent infrastructures, a unique cuisine, all at competitive prices, and as an added bonus, the particularly enthusiasm and warmth of its people, is included.

To guarantee its success, C.I.T., after carefully screenings hundreds of accommodation sites, and suppliers, chose and indeed entered into agreements only with the well established, dependable, and professional operators throughout all provinces of Calabria.

Our hotels, offered at affordable prices, range from pleasant down to earth family run pensions, to luxurious accommodation, to “Agriturismo” and wellness’ Spa’s.

We have chosen the crème of the crop, from motor coach operators offering Delux new air-conditioned coaches for our tours, to restaurants offering typical local and national cuisine, to car rentals companies, to qualified bi-lingual guides. All our partners operate with a high degree of professionalism to assure our friends guests the maximum comfort and peace of mind thus making their visit to this “New old Land” a lasting memorable one.

Our partners in Canada are first and foremost the travel agencies, major IATA Airlines, and Alba Tours. A special recognition to the Federazione Calabrese of Ontario for their invaluable support.

Our collaborators, having had years and years of experience coupled with their native knowledge of this region, places them in a unique position within the industry in terms of their ability to promote and develop Calabria’s enormous potential.



From Hans D.

Italy is cradled in silver hammered seas
crowned with mountains
and rich beyond gold

Rome carries a patina of centuries
burnished by years of
adoration and wonder

It is history weathered to fragments
broken memory and myth
monuments of daring and grace

the land is vaulted with terraces
and daunting cliffs where
pines and olive trees still reign

this land arrays a plenitude of food
gelatos pastas persimmons
and bounties from the sea

It is a land of wine and wonder
and volcanoes that may
still tear the very sky

Etna’s ancient rocks spewed
over distant vistas now
become the blocks of streets

cobbled and worn and dulled
still conjuring a plastic life
from deep inside the earth

The medieval towns with pitted walls
hide smooth interiors where
time flows in modern eddies

part two

Ancient structures anchored in the past
are windows to craftsmanship
cut by patient slaves

The obdurate unyielding stone
rises to centuries of sun
much broken yet unbowed

The sediment of ancient seas
is now the marble of Michelangelo
the grandiose apex of all humanity

Italy is a mosaic of masterpieces
if there is poverty throughout
the south, it is never in the spirit

for in Calabria is ingenuity and warmth
traditions of determined men
and stronger woman everywhere

In Sicily the seas provide their blessing
and carry wealth to all the compass
points where Phoenicians once explorer

There are quilts of fields with silvered green
and fertile loam – the olive trees
and vines that Dionysius would love

And Etna is the queen that oversees it all –
the troubadours and tourists
the active winds of change

It is a land that must painted walked explored
It is a land that must be lived
It is the land for all

From Hans D.


Il Presidente Fortunato Febbraro e Il Direttore Generale Domenico Frascà