Amalfi Coast and South Mediterranean Tour

Oct 10 to Oct 22 2018. Rome is a City with a Cosmopolitan lifestyle and full of art and history at every corner of the city! The Castelli Romani are full of eye -popping little towns which allow you to relax during the busy and bustling hot summer days! Sorrento and it’s Amalfi Cost area drips in romance and extraordinary sights. Calabria is the “toe” of Italy with it’s stunning views and quaint fishing villages like Pizzo, Bagnara, Scilla and Tropea   which by many, have been called the “Cinque Terre of the South”. Sicily is the largest Island of the Mediterranean separated from Italy by the narrow straight of Messina, full of ancient towns and cities which remind us of the extraordinary past of this island full of history and archeological remains, testimony of all ancient civilizations, that once ruled the Mediterranean see!

  • Category: Tours
  • Date: 10 October 2018 - 22 October 2018
  • Location: Amalfi Coast and South Mediterranean
  • Cost: 3649$ (Taxes Included)